Garabar Roofing | Roof Maintenance
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Roof Maintenance

TotalCare Roof Asset Management


Roof maintenance is of utmost importance in South Florida, where your roof can take quite a beating from the elements. Our roof is not always a top priority – out of sight out of mind – but maintaining it is just as important as maintaining heavy equipment or landscaping. The costs of not doing so can be huge. As a property owner, manager or association you know how hard it is to absorb the cost of a new roof, or ask your homeowners for costly assessments. It’s all the worse when those costs aren’t expected and the roof does not meet its life expectancy. With the Garabar TotalCare program, we may be able to take the worry out of your roof maximizing its life through a combination of immediate repairs and an ongoing preventative maintenance program. In doing so, it will give you the opportunity to create a roof reserve and fund it adequately. We can perform these maintenance services on just about any roof including:


  • Flat and Sloped Re-roofing
  • Hot Tar Applied Built-Up and Modified
  • Tapered Insulation Systems
  • Tapered Lightweight Concrete


The question we must ask ourselves is: “Have we budgeted for a new roof?” If the answer is no and your roof doesn’t have a maintenance program to keep it in top condition, please call us. You’ll be happy you did. And rest assured you made the right choice – We have a dedicated team of employees to serve this important program. Our roof maintenance programs are ideal for:


  • Office, Medical and Mixed Use Developments
  • Industrial and Self Storage Facilities
  • Retail and Shopping Center
  • High Rise and Low Rise Building