Garabar Roofing | Energy Efficiency
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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Basics


Energy Efficiency can include air conditioning and other mechanical equipment, in a home or building, which reduce energy consumption by utilizing advanced power saving technology. Most commonly you will see the EPA’s Energy Star certification on certain appliances and equipment. Energy efficiency also comes in the form of maximizing cold or warm air retention through the use of insulation in ceilings and walls as well as weatherproofing windows, doors and other parts of the building.


What Can TotalEfficiency do for You?


Utilizing basic energy efficiency enhancements such as insulation, weatherproofing techniques, upgraded windows and doors and even solar retention, a building can operate at maximum efficiency and save thousands in utility bills. A single family home can save hundreds on utilities with just a few cost-effective solutions like upgraded insulation or a solar powered water heater.




Per capita energy consumption in Florida has steadily increased to 6529 kWh in 2005 according to the US Department of Energy. This represents more than double the per capita energy consumption of California.